2014 Coal News

Sept. 22, 2014

Coal must be part of America's energy future

Along with oil and natural gas, coal is an essential part of the energy tripod that keeps the American economy the largest in the world.   READ MORE »

Sept. 18, 2014

Coal association leaders say ‘numbers just don’t add up’ on Clean Power Plan

While the U.S. EPA has allowed another 45 days to speak up on the Clean Power Plan, several leaders of state coal associations said Sept. 17 they are not sure the agency is even listening.   READ MORE »

Sept. 11, 2014

Obama science adviser to testify on climate plan

White House science adviser John Holdren will testify before a House panel next week on President Obama's climate agenda.   READ MORE »

Sept. 08, 2014

The War on Coal Is a Civil War

There's a sharp divide between liberal coastal states leading the charge against fossil fuels and the conservative, inland states that still depend on them.   READ MORE »

Sept. 05, 2014

Biggest threat to America’s power grid is bad policy

On September 4, 1882, Thomas Edison flipped a switch and energized America's first electric grid. This breakthrough set us on a bright new path towards a future powered by reliable and affordable electricity.   READ MORE »

Sept. 05, 2014

Morrisey: Time to fight EPA is now

PARKERSBURG - Attorney General Patrick Morrisey says there is a "sense of urgency" in moving forward a lawsuit against the EPA because West Virginia businesses already are being harmed by the agency's proposed emissions regulations.   READ MORE »

August 25, 2014

Winter blackouts a danger in ‘rapid transition’ from coal, grid operator warns

The switch from coal to natural gas for electricity generation could harm power reliability in Ohio and surrounding states, according to the group that manages the transmission grid for the 13-state region.   READ MORE »

August 25, 2014

States: EPA climate regs illegally left out data

The attorneys general from 13 states told the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that its proposed rule in June to reduce carbon pollution from power plants broke the law by omitting supporting information.   READ MORE »

August 24, 2014

Is the EPA listening to voters or a billionaire climate activist?

As the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) moves forward with its plan to regulate carbon emissions from power plants, Americans deserve answers to two questions: who really drafted these regulations, and who will be hurt by them?   READ MORE »

August 17, 2014

Fighting Back Against President’s War on Coal

Since coming to Congress in 2011, I’ve been a leading voice against the harmful impacts of President Obama’s War on Coal.   READ MORE »

August 14, 2014

Coal Still Is Top Source of Electricity in U.S.; Where Does Your State Stand?

Since the first quarter of 2001, overall electricity generation from all fuel sources has risen 13% in the U.S. The main sources of that electricity have changed slightly.   READ MORE »

August 13, 2014

Anti-Fossil Fuel Activist Steyer Got Rich on Coal Stock

Billionaire anti-fossil fuel activist Tom Steyer amassed his fortune through investing in coal mines and oil pipelines, investment records reveal.   READ MORE »

August 12, 2014

Desperate Dash of Global Warming

Regarding the supposed crisis of global warming, we have both good news and bad news to report.   READ MORE »

August 01, 2014

Leaked Memo Gives Away Dems’ ‘Extreme Weather’ Talking Points

Democrats are working hard to convince the public that regulations to limit carbon dioxide emissions are necessary to avoid economic and ecological catastrophe, according to a memo obtained by The Washington Post.   READ MORE »

JULY 2014
July 31, 2014

Coal Miners Fight To Save Their Jobs At EPA Carbon Rule Field Hearings

Thousands of coal supporters and environmentalists flocked to Atlanta, Denver, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. to testify before the Environmental Protection Agency on a new rule that could severely cripple the U.S. coal industry.   READ MORE »

July 28, 2014

Week ahead: EPA heads into battle on climate rule

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is heading into a battle with the coal industry next week over its landmark climate regulations.   READ MORE »

July 24, 2014

How not to shut down coal plants

Colorado is way ahead of the rest of the country on moving towards cleaner energy. But if that’s not managed carefully, energy bills can skyrocket.   READ MORE »

July 22, 2014

Tom Steyer and Herb Sandler: Biggest Hypocrites in America

Liberal megadonor Tom Steyer, failing to raise any significant outside money for his global warming super-PAC, turned to one of his San Francisco neighbors for a million-dollar check. It was Herb Sandler, the subprime mortgage lender at the heart of the housing crisis, and like Steyer a huge hypocrite.   READ MORE »

July 18, 2014

Bills to protect coal jobs

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Rep. Thomas Massie, along with the other members of Congress’ Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, passed three bills Wednesday geared toward what they say is protecting jobs against federal overreach.   READ MORE »

July 18, 2014

Senate panel to grill EPA administrator McCarthy

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Gina McCarthy, is scheduled to testify before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on Wednesday.   READ MORE »

July 17, 2014

Johnson seeks accountability

U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Marietta, is painfully aware of the damage done by runaway government of the type favored by President Barack Obama. In May, six of the 10 counties with the worst unemployment rates in Ohio were in Johnson’s 6th Congressional District.   READ MORE »

July 15, 2014

Obama’s Busy Travel Schedule Draws Ire of Critics

His legislative agenda is going nowhere, but a restless President Barack Obama is traveling everywhere.   READ MORE »

July 07, 2014

Editorial: The unfunded liability of anti-coal regulations

The coal industry and those who rely on its continued economic health -- suppliers, local businesses and state government – protest what they call a War on Coal by the Obama administration.   READ MORE »

July 02, 2014

Obama’s war on coal will cost U.S. $1 trillion in new technology growth

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is pushing to enforce new rules that would require existing power plants to reduce carbon emissions, raising more questions over the future of the coal industry and electricity rates.  READ MORE »

JUNE 2014
June 09, 2014

Planned coal-power closings won’t cut CO2 much

The electric power industry’s plan to retire more than 10% of its coal-fired generators within a decade will do almost nothing to reduce the nation’s emissions of heat-trapping carbon dioxide, a USA TODAY analysis finds.  READ MORE »

June 04, 2014

Setting the Record Straight on the Chamber’s Carbon Emissions Study – And How It Relates to EPA’s Proposed Rules

Last week, the U.S. Chamber’s Institute for 21st Century Energy issued a comprehensive analysis of the costs associated with potential EPA regulations.  READ MORE »

June 03, 2014

Bill Johnson on WTAP – EPA Announcement

June 02, 2014

Obama Unilaterally Pushes Cap-And-Trade On Unwilling States

The Obama administration’s new climate rule will force states to cut carbon dioxide emissions through a variety of policy options, including imposing a cap-and-trade program on their existing power plants. Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/06/02/obama-unilaterally-pushes-cap-and-trade-on-unwilling-states/#ixzz34RMLHHAh  READ MORE »

June 02, 2014

Everything you need to know about the EPA’s proposed rule on coal plants

The Environmental Protection Agency on Monday proposed a rule designed to cut carbon dioxide emissions from existing coal plants by as much as 30 percent by 2030, compared with 2005 levels.  READ MORE »

June 01, 2014

New Carbon Rules the Next Step in Obama’s War on Coal

For five years, the coal industry and its fossil-fueled allies in the Republican Party have accused the Obama Administration of waging a war on coal.  READ MORE »

MAY 2014
APRIL 2014
April 12, 2014

EPA coal rules leaving US vulnerable to power blackouts?

Facing the Obama administration's so-called “war on coal,” some utility officials are warning that fewer coal-fired power plants could leave the U.S. power system vulnerable to blackouts in the near future.  READ MORE »

April 08, 2014

Germany serves as example on coal issue

It is appropriate that a major conference on climate change – and what to do about it – is being held this week in Berlin.  READ MORE »

April 08, 2014

Coal the answer to energy poverty

The world’s cheapest, most versatile and abundant fuel – coal – must be a major part of the solution to global energy poverty, writes Brendan Pearson.  READ MORE »

April 07, 2014

Second Climate Thoughts

The latest U.N. report tones down the alarmism but ramps up the bad economics.  READ MORE »

April 06, 2014

The game is up for climate change believers

Charles Moore reviews The Age of Global Warming by Rupert Darwall (Quartet)  READ MORE »

April 01, 2014

Crucial climate regs head to White House

Draft regulations that would place tough new limits on emissions from the nation’s existing power plants has moved to the White House, according to records posted Tuesday by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).  READ MORE »

MARCH 2014
March 01, 2014

America Needs Continued Coal Use

Coal is currently the feedstock for nearly 40% of America’s baseload electricity supply, and in communities and states where coal has the highest utilization, utility bills are the lowest.  READ MORE »

February 26, 2014

RPT-West Virginia senator pushes coal bill as counterweight to EPA

As the Obama administration readies rules to force all U.S. power plants to lower the rate at which they produce greenhouse gases, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, a major coal state, is trying to steer a bill through the Senate that he said would hold off the Environmental Protection Agency.  READ MORE »

February 24, 2014

Emails: Another top EPA official used private email account to aid environmentalists

It pays to know people in charge, especially if they are federal regulators. Emails suggest that an Environmental Protection Agency regional administrator used a private AOL email account to correspond with environmentalists.  READ MORE »

February 11, 2014

EPA ‘clean coal’ rule would increase power prices by 70 or 80 percent

An Obama administration official has said that the new clean coal rules could increase electricity prices by as much as 80 percent.  READ MORE »

February 05, 2014

Enzi: GAO report proves coal helps the economy

Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.) said Tuesday that a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report shows his “anti-coal” colleagues that coal is needed to generate federal revenue.  READ MORE »

January 31, 2014

The War on Coal: Collateral Damage Will Hit Non-Coal States, Too

The combination of new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules could likely end coal-fired power in the next 30 years.  READ MORE »

January 31, 2014

Power plants fired by gas instead of coal could mean higher home heating bills and costly new pipelines

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Twice this month Dominion East Ohio Gas asked its customers to conserve – to use less gas – exactly when the coldest weather in a generation invaded Ohio.  READ MORE »

January 30, 2014

The State of Obama’s Energy Thinking

“And when our children’s children look us in the eye,” said President Obama in his State of the Union address, “and ask if we did all we could to leave them a safer, more stable world, with new sources of energy, I want us to be able to say yes, we did.”  READ MORE »

January 29, 2014

Industry Coalition Seeks to Shape EPA’s Climate Rules

Lobbyists for Washington’s most powerful industry groups admit they probably won’t be able to stop President Obama’s climate-change agenda. READ MORE »

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